Request Combined Sections In Canvas

FALL 2024 DEADLINE:  Aug 20

Canvas course shells are automatically generated for each scheduled course section TWO WEEKS before each semester.

  • Instructors can request to have multiple course sections combined together into a single Canvas course.
  • Each course section can still be viewed separately in the Gradebook, have different assignment due dates, and more.

Before requesting to combine sections, please review the following :

Combined Sections In A Canvas Course

Preparing For A New Semester – Copy Course Content

Course sections cannot be combined once student activity has begun.
If you have a special circumstance, please contact TMI.

Upon submission of your request:

  • A Canvas course shell will be created based the course information you specify.
    NOTE: Course shells are generated TWO WEEKS before each term.
  • Additional sections indicated will be merged into the Primary Section.
  • The course will be automatically updated with student enrollments throughout the semester, unless you specified otherwise.
  • Student enrollments will still be identified by section.
  • It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that the course is ready for use on the first day of class.



Faculty are encouraged to contact TMI for assistance in preparing the course for the coming semester.