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Illustration of hand with cogs.Recommended by both TMI and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, and system projects such as OEI. All the below tools work or integrate with Canvas, are ADA 508 compliant, and are free for use at Butte College!

Questions? Ask TMI!

For more information about any of these products, please review the provided links below, and then contact TMI for further clarification or to request a consultation.



3C Media (Video Management)

3C Media Solutions3C Media Solutions offers full-featured video hosting services free to all faculty and staff of the California Community Colleges System.

Ideal for faculty creating video content, including using Snagit and Camtasia!

With an account you can:

  • upload and manage media, create custom playlists
  • share media privately or publicly
  • add video to Canvas (see below)
  • request captioning for your media in a few short, simple steps
  • and much more!
  1. Register for a 3CMedia account
    (be sure to use your address)
  2. Use 3C Media Within Canvas
    Once you have a 3C Media account, your content can be accessed from the content editor anywhere within Canvas.

More information:

3C Media FAQs
Request Training from 3C Media 
Quick Guides
TMI Training Schedule


Adjust-All (Date Management)Adjust-All logo

Adjust-All HQ is external application integrated directly into Canvas, and offers the ability to adjust all course dates and control various settings from one place.

It’s already available in all of your Canvas courses!

More information:

Preparing For A New Semester – Adjust Dates
Adjust-All User Guide


Camtasia (Video Editing) Camtasia

Create a great looking video, even if you’ve never made one before. Camtasia makes it easy to record your screen or import your own video and audio files (MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc.). The multi-track timeline expands to fit all your projects. Split clips into two, remove portions of a clip, or delete one entirely. You can also add music, photos, narration, and more. make and share engaging videos with Camtasia. Upload your videos to 3C Media or a work-related YouTube account. Make videos from start to finish in hours, not days! For PC & Mac.

Camtasia is NOT integrated with Canvas, but used to create course content for Canvas. 

  1. Download and install Camtasia (for Butte College faculty only).
  2. Request an activation code from TMI.

More Information:

Camtasia Tutorials from TechSmith
Camtasia Training from
TMI Training Schedule


ConferZoom (Video Conferencing)


ConferZoom is based on Zoom, and has been branded for the CCC system and made available for all faculty and staff.

GETTING STARTED: Set Up Your ConferZoom Account

  1. Visit and sign up for a free pro account using your BC email address. You must use your BC email address. Please use “Butte College” for the Organization.
  2. Check your BC email inbox for the confirmation email and verify your account.  (You may need to check your “Clutter” folder.)
  3. Login to the ConferZoom Portal and setup your profile and settings. These settings will sync with the desktop client in the next step.
  4. Download the desktop client for Zoom, login, and review settings. 

TMI strongly recommends reviewing the ConferZoom Host Guide.
If you have questions, please contact TMI for assistance. 

Using ConferZoom with Canvas Canvas logo

After you have done the above steps, you’re ready to enable ConferZoom within a Canvas course! Just follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings in the Course Menu, and then choose Navigation from the tabs across the top of the page. Locate ConferZoom and drag it up to the active (enabled) tools for your course menu, and click Save.  Read more…
  2. Access the link in your Course Menu. Your ConferZoom account will now be linked it to your Canvas account, and your name will appear in the top right corner. This is a one-time process.
  3. Use the interface to schedule a meeting, or a scheduled recurring series, and select recipients to send an invitation to. Don’t forget to mark your own calendar!

Using ConferZoom with other ServicesZoom logo

One of the best things about ConferZoom is that it integrates with other software services that deal with meetings and/or invitations, such as Outlook.

TMI will also be using ConferZoom for both online real-time webinars and workshops, as well as remote faculty consultations upon request.

More Information:

ConferZoom Guides
TMI Training Schedule


NetTutor (Tutoring)

NetTutor is designed to actively engage students in the learning process, require students to think critically, and develop the skills necessary for continued persistence. The majority of NetTutor’s tutors hold advanced degrees in their subject specialties. Tutors must successfully complete a month-long training period that focuses, in particular, on the pedagogical and technical challenges that differentiate online tutoring from in-person tutoring. In addition to rigorous testing and tutor training, an extensive amount of time is dedicated to mastering the NetTutor platform and technology systems.

NetTutor is already installed and available in all Canvas courses via the Course Navigation menu.

More information:

California Community Colleges OEI Tutoring Information
Tutoring Schedule by Discipline


Proctorio (Proctoring)

This proctoring utility seamlessly integrates with your Canvas courses. No changes are needed to get the guaranteed exam integrity that Proctorio offers. Automated proctoring system lets you set the controls you need for each exam with the click of a mouse. Proctorio does more than monitor audio and video. The Lock Down features provide a secure browser session, preventing web usage, limiting the exam to a single screen, disabling printing and screen grabs, and ensures your exam isn’t redistributed. 

Proctorio is already installed and available to be enabled by instructors in all course
ee: “How do I modify the Course Navigation Menu?”).

Look for the “Secure Exam Proctor” in your Course Navigation menu and follow the prompts.

Butte College faculty can self-enroll in out Proctorio Demo Course.  Questions? Please contact

More information
Proctorio Guidebook (2016)


Snagit (Screen Capture & Recording)Snagit

Take a screenshot or capture a video of what you see on your computer screen. Choose whether you want to capture an image or record your screen after you make your selection, and resize the capture area right down to the pixel. Snagit is way more than just a snipping tool. Customize and edit every screenshot with professional-quality markup tools. For PC & Mac.

Snagit is NOT integrated with Canvas, but used to create course content for Canvas. 

  1. Download and install Snagit (for BC faculty only).
  2. Request an activation code from TMI.

More Information:

Snagit Tutorials from TechSmith
Snagit Training from
TMI Training Schedule


SoftChalk (Content Management)

SoftChalk  is like a word processor for creating web pages. You can create a syllabus or other content, beautifully styled, and store it in SoftChalk Cloud. To use the content, just paste the URL into Canvas wherever the text editor is available. When students click on the URL, the SoftChalk content will open.  

For example, if you teach multiple sections of the same class, you can create a syllabus in SoftChalk and paste the URL into each Canvas section. If you fix a typo or edit the syllabus in SoftChalk, the changes appear instantly wherever the URL is pasted.

  1. Download for Windows or Mac.
  2. Request an activation code from TMI.
  3. Get started with SoftChalk Cloud

More information:
TMI Training Schedule 


VeriCite (Anti-Plagiarism) 

VeriCite is a cloud-based service that identifies plagiarism by comparing submitted work against an ever-increasing database of sources. VeriCite compares submissions against a massive database of academic content. Each day approximately one million new sources are added based on the topics and sources institutions are using — including: Publically academically oriented content, Creative Commons OER content, The Common Crawl, Wikipedia and more.

VeriCite is already installed and available to instructors in all Canvas courses, within the Assignment tool’s setup options.

More information:

VeriCite-Canvas Instructor Guide
TMI Training Schedule 

VeriCite recently updated the user interface, and a full walk-through of their product was made available as a webinar below.



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