QUICK TIP: Enter Zeros For Missing Assignments

Hand holding a large zero.Canvas automatically generates a running total of each student’s current grade.  However, this only includes assignments that have a grade entered.  If no grade is entered, the assignment is not counted in the Total grade calculation.

This can lead to students misunderstanding their current grade.

To ensure an accurate point total/percentage, be sure to enter a “O” for all missed assignments. 

You can assign a zero to multiple students in each assignment by using the Default Grade feature.  Note the option to “Overwrite already-entered grades.”
See the Canvas Guide:

How do I set a default grade for an assignment?

NOTE: The Treat ungraded as zero option in the Gradebook only affects the instructor view, and does not actually adjust the point total. It also is for all items in the Gradebook, not individual assessments.

2 Responses to “QUICK TIP: Enter Zeros For Missing Assignments”

  1. Dan Barnett says:

    You can quickly change the grade for a missed assignment to “0” by using the Default Grade option (via the dropdown at the top of the given assignment’s column in the Gradebook):


    Enter a zero for the default grade and make sure the “overwrite” box is NOT checked! Then just click submit and zeroes are entered for everyone who missed that assignment.



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