New Gradebook

NEW!Canvas recently introduced a new Gradebook, with a variety of updates, including new menus and filters, Late Grade policies, and improved functionality.

During Spring 2018, instructors can choose to enable the new Gradebook on a per course basis (see instructions below).

Beginning Summer 2018, the new Gradebook will be automatically enabled in ALL courses.

Enable the new Gradebook in your course

  • go to Settings > Feature Options
  • toggle the New Gradebook to On

Enable New Gradebook

IMPORTANT: The new Gradebook can be enabled or disabled by the instructor.  However, once Late Grade policies are added in the new Gradebook, it can no longer be disabled.

See the Canvas Guides:

Canvas Release: New Gradebook

How do I use the New Gradebook?

How do I enter and edit grades in the New Gradebook?




(based on information from the Canvas Gradebook development team)

What is the current status of the New Gradebook, and when will it be available to everyone?

The Gradebook will be available for all faculty to manually enable in any course until Q2 of 2018 when we will deprecate the old gradebook, fully replacing it with the new one.

What features are already released and what features will be available in the future?

For the complete list of features in each phase, check out the New Gradebook Users Group page, the Gradebook Enhancements Canvas Studio Page, or the Canvas Release Notes.

Can I switch back and forth between the New Gradebook and the old Gradebook?

Once you have enabled late policies or manually adjust the labels in the Grade Detail Tray, the feature option in the course will not allow you to return to the old Gradebook.

How do I find out about Late Policies?

Check out the Late Policies: Instructor FAQ.

Will this project fix issues with importing or exporting the Gradebook?

No. It will not. We have a separate project proposed to address all import and export issues with the gradebook.

How do I report bugs?

First, ensure what you want to report is a bug, which means the feature is not performing as intended. What you may think is a bug actually may be intended (we’re working on a document to help explain some of those behaviors). Otherwise, please follow these steps:

1. See if your bug is a known issue specifically related to the preview beta Gradebook.

2. View the list of reported bugs. The Reported Bugs section is located in the main focus group page— look in the left sidebar under the blue buttons.

3. If you still can’t find a report for a specific behavior: open Canvas, contact TMI to submit a detailed description of the issue.

Where should I send my feedback?

We love feedback. Let us know if you love something, or just have general thoughts on our approach. There’s a button on the main page of the focus group that will take you to the feedback form.


Upcoming Features

Phase I – In Progress

Related Feature Ideas ‘In Development’

  • Improved commenting.
  • Instructor defines if grades post automatically or manually.

Phase II – Future Work

Related Feature Ideas ‘On Radar’

  • Improved Grading Scheme selection on assignments.
  • More total viewing options, replacing ‘Treat Ungraded As Zero’.
  • Resizing of the total column in the Gradebook.
  • Total grade adjustment.
  • ‘Message Students Who’ for Gradebook totals.
  • Turn off automatic calculation and manually enter totals.
  • Add more notes columns in the Gradebook and export all note columns.
  • Add a couple points for all students on an assignment in bulk.
  • Option to hide points and/or percentages from students.
  • Grading Schemes export as they’re shown in Gradebook.
  • Updated search allows searching for students & assignments.


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